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I love Gross

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FreshAirPodcasts.pngI first discovered Fresh Air, a National Public Radio programme, years ago when on one of my visits to the US. Subsequently, II always sought it out whenever I was there.

Terry Gross, its presenter is one of the best interviewers in the business and the program's format is that of the "long form" interview. Terry takes her time, is well briefed on the topic and the interviewee. Subjects range form politics to music and film, including sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. No taboos, no hype, just conversation, terrific...

Some time ago, NPR started making Fresh Air available via Podcast and now I'm like a "Pig in Shit". Every U.S. weekday 45 minutes of Fresh Air, I love it. If there is a criticism , it is that these programs are simply the radio programs with station announcement (and sometimes  the music) cut with simple edits and the effect is occasioanlly jarring. But that's easy to overlook when the topic is of interest and the guest engaging.

Especially for JD, here is my iTunes listing of the last 6 months of programs (click on the thumbnail). A truly eclectic range of topics and guests.

Links: Fresh Air  The Latest Show, Podcast feed

Identity Blog

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I like to keep up with Kim Cameron's Identity Blog. Last weekend he couldn't help pointing at a security hole in Google's Single Sign On service. That's fair game and healthy competition. But it's more than that, Kim's writing style is entertaining and provides clear descriptions of many of the issues around Identity Management. Worth keeping up with.