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Nuevasync I didn't re-install Outlook when I re-built my laptop a couple of weeks ago. Gmail has been my preferred email client for years now and (almost) all my email addresses point to one Gmail account. It works well with the iPhone and having Outlook is really superfluous, except... Contacts and Calendars.

When I started using the iPhone, I started using Apple's service to synchronize contacts between my iPhone, iPod and Gmail, but was very disappointed, it's slow and unreliable. What is more, it doesn't work with Google calendars.

While there are some solutions for the Mac to sync with Google Calendars, it took me a while to find a solution which works under Windows. After a bit of Googling, I found which emulates Microsoft Exchange and lets you wirelessly synch Google Contacts and Calendars with iPhone and iPods .

While the registration site is a bit slow and clunky, once you get it up and running, it works like a dream. Enter an appointment in my iPhone and it shows up on my PC within minutes, ditto the other way around. Brilliant. And it's cheap: free.

The procedure for setting it up is pretty straightforward, just make sure you start with the right contacts and appointments on Google when you set it up, because the iPhone software will wipe everything before downloading Google's contact and calendar information.

There is a good description about the install at The iLife

Studs Terkel's Almanac

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StudsTerkelAlmanac I always knew of Studs Terkel, mainly because of his reputation as a broadcaster. There never had been much opportunity to listen to him, although I treasure a recording of an interview he did with Pete Seeger and Big Bill Broonzy (released by Folkways, liner notes here).

His recent death triggered many tributes. That in turn motivated me to look a bit closer at his life and work. I very much enjoyed what found and hope more of his work is released online in the future.

Here are some items worth listening to:

Minnesota Public Radio's Midday Show played a collection of Terkel interviews (53:54) with Pete Seeger, Gore Vidal (1961), Mel Brooks (1968), John Henry Faulk (1971), Bob Woodward (1987), Oliver Sachs (1986) and Garrison Keillor, all from the 6 CD set, "Voices of Our Time".

Phillip Adams replayed an interview with Studs recently and of course NPR has a bunch of excellent  articles and recordings by him, including a classic one hour interview with Bob Dylan in 1963.

NPR also replayed a program recorded in 1992 with Marian McPartland, "Radio Legend Studs On Piano Jazz".

And here is a "Conversation with History":