I’m a cynic, but…

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Regulars know that I’m a fan of podcasts, particularly of NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. However, the cynic in me always checks for commercial “agendas” in radio programs/podcasts. We all know that many interviewees present themselves in order to sell their books, movies and CDs. So often the interviewer isn’t really interested and the interviewee tired of answering the same old questions. That’s rarely the case with Fresh Air but, like I said, I’m a cynic…


The last Pixar movie (Wall-E) didn’t score highly with me, so I wasn’t really looking forward to hearing about another movie promotion in the recent edition of Fresh Air. Have a listen and see if you can spot whether Terry Gross really saw/liked the movie and whether Pete Doctor is just selling the movie. Oh, and I’m going to see Up as soon as I have the opportunity….

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