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OpenID irony

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I’ve been following OpenID and the efforts to simplify our username/password hell and build a common "Digital Identity” system. Thankfully, it appears that we’re getting close to finding agreement amongst the major industry players on how to move forward with OpenID, OAuth and other related solutions.

I use gmail and respect Google’s efforts to build a practical range of defenses against phishing as well as spam and viruses. Here is a screen capture of an email to one of the OpenId mailing lists by a Google Engineer.


Was that the Google’s OpenID April Fools Day operation at work? Or just another case of showing how we really need a digital identity system?

From Rachel Slattery's newsletter:

"OzGirl recently announced a global distribution agreement with Koldcast to broadcast the OzGirl series over the Internet, via iTunes and TiVo. Brand integration agency InShot is to help attract brands to OzGirl, which is syndicated to major sites including Bebo and YouTube, allowing advertisers to reach an international youth market."

Is the end game of social networking that everyone returns to their comfort zones, "Consumers" to Big Brands, "Producers" to Distribution Deals? 

Or have film makers not woken up that on the internet, they can go directly to their audience without gatekeepers? Or perhaps they are too lazy to do so?


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Trying out Springpad embedding:

Mmmm... that's not what I call embedding...

Identity Blog

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I like to keep up with Kim Cameron's Identity Blog. Last weekend he couldn't help pointing at a security hole in Google's Single Sign On service. That's fair game and healthy competition. But it's more than that, Kim's writing style is entertaining and provides clear descriptions of many of the issues around Identity Management. Worth keeping up with.